Here are Marrocco’s, we deal in stamped concrete just about every day of the year. Most often we’re taking care of stamped concrete driveways, patios, and sidewalks, or maybe an indoor project such as an acid stained concrete garage or basement floor. While we can handle any stamped concrete project that comes our way, there are certainly concrete projects that you’re simply not going to see from us. Why? Because sometimes they’re more than a little bit crazy!

Concrete Furniture

Sure, you’ve seen concrete benches and picnic tables, but have you ever seen concrete chairs and couches in people’s home? Probably not. First of all, they’re incredibly uncomfortable to sit on for extended periods of time; even with cushions, the underlying hardness is certainly more painful than traditional springs. Second, think of how impractical concrete furniture would be indoors. It would take many people to move, and would bend most handtrucks. Plus, one little movement and your hardwood floors would be destroyed. Put it on carpet and it would be compressed beyond repair. Still, those restrictions haven’t stopped people from making some awesome furniture!

Concrete Coasters

The problem with cheap cardboard coasters is that they stick to the bottom of your glass, and then they fall off when the glass is heading to your mouth. You won’t be surprised to hear that concrete coaster won’t do that!

While most concrete you see in your daily life, including stamped concrete, is designed to repel water, concrete coasters are made with enough ash in them that they are absorbent, keeping the bottom of your glass and the table moisture-free.

Concrete Rings

People make jewelry today from literally anything and everything, so it should be no surprise that people have made rings out of concrete. In general, thin rings of concrete can’t hold up, so these rings have to be considerably thicker, meaning that the weight is raised. You won’t forget that you have these on your finger!

Phone Case

With hundreds of manufacturers making smartphone cases, how is a company supposed to set itself apart? Well, a company called Posh Craft decided to create an iPhone case made from concrete. It’s a special type of concrete that is pockmarked, lightweight, and flexible, so it’s really not that heavy in your pocket.

Concrete Canoes

What the…surely we’re pulling your leg! Why would anyone build a canoe out of concrete? One word: science!

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has been holding a the Concrete Canoe National Competition since 1988 (click here for some 2016 photos). The point is to give engineering students a challenge when working with concrete, discover its limitations, and find the absolute best way to engineers a canoe that can overcome the obvious weight issues associated with concrete. Do they float? Yes! Do all of the make it to the finish line? Not so much!

Nearly all concrete is made to be walked on, but sometimes the amazing substance just needs to be something else. While we can’t build you a fully-functioning concrete canoe, we can pour you the best stamped concrete around. Contact Marrocco’s today!