Our floors get walked all over.


It’s time we treat them with just a little bit more respect, don’t you think? Let’s give our floors a look they can be proud about, a look that is built to withstand all of the trampling without showing any signs of cracking or withering.

Let’s give our floors the makeovers they deserve!

At Marrocco’s Stamped Concrete, we specialize in providing decorative concrete solutions in Baltimore and indeed all throughout Maryland. It’s just what we do.

One of our favorite projects for residential floors is polished concrete — a shining, shimmering splendor that makes our floors happy and helps them to last longer, look better, and work smarter.

In this blog, we’ll be pointing out many of the top reasons why polished concrete is better than other flooring options.

It’s time for a makeover. Contact Marrocco’s today to see if polished concrete is right for your Baltimore home.

The Appearance

One of the biggest advantages that polished concrete has over other flooring options is the appearance. While decorative concrete takes many forms, and there are always ways to make a concrete slab look professional and attractive, polished concrete just looks…better.

Polished concrete floors are applicable indoors or outdoors, giving you a viable option for any area that could use a bit of a polish. The sleek and shiny finish, combined with custom color staining, creates an almost showroom-like aesthetic in your home.

The Productivity

Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of making life hard on your floors, your floors could make life easier for you?

With polished concrete, that’s exactly what happens. Polished concrete flooring is known to be durable — meaning it’s resistant to chemicals, chips, cracks, and even scratches — which means your investment will go much farther.

Not to mention, polished concrete is super easy to clean, requires minimal maintenance, and even though it might look shiny it is still non-slippery and safe.

And by the way: polished concrete can even help you save money on your energy bills every month. Because it makes use of the already-existing concrete, this flooring option makes for a more practical solution financially.

Plus, it is known to reflect light in the room by up to 100 percent, allowing you to make use of more natural lighting and spend less on electricity.

No Chemicals

Other flooring options require overlays, waxes, and other chemicals which take time to dry, reapply, and ultimately chip or crack with time.

But not polished concrete. This economical, practical, and reliable solution doesn’t use any chemicals or waxes whatsoever, allowing you to save time, money, and headache — all while reducing your carbon footprint.

It’s Easy

Perhaps the biggest advantage that polished concrete has over the other options? It’s easy! Just let the pros at Marrocco’s Stamped Concrete handle your Baltimore polished concrete project and immediately see (and feel) the difference.

We have the expertise, materials, and experience to handle all of your decorative concrete needs. Let us turn your vision into a reality today!