Polished Concrete: How It Works

A polished concrete flooring finish offers many advantages for your home or commercial business space. From low maintenance, to energy and environmental efficiency, to a dazzling shine, polished concrete has become the go-to choice for many in the Baltimore area.

But how does one create such a masterpiece? At Marrocco’s Stamped Concrete, we are the Baltimore polished concrete experts for a reason. Part of our process looks something like this:

  • Step 1: Hardness — In order to determine the right materials and equipment for the polishing and grinding, it’s necessary to first determine the hardness level of the existing concrete. This is known a an MOHS Concrete Hardness Test.

  • Step 2: Grind — After carefully selecting the proper equipment, our team gets to work on the grinding aspect. This process removes the existing “grit” of the concrete and leaves behind a smooth, flat surface.

  • Step 3: Buff — The grinding process utilizes metal pieces which can leave behind scuffs, scratches, and other marks behind. In order to create a shiny, spotless surface, the concrete polishing process then uses transitional tools which buff those scratches away.

  • Step 4: Bolster — Then, the concrete is bolstered and densified through a specialized chemical hardening agent. This helps to make your concrete floor more durable, mold-resistant, and stain-proof.

  • Step 5: Polish! — Now it’s time to deliver what we came for. Using highly specialized equipment and expertise, Marrocco’s technicians use machines and pads to polish your concrete floors and make them dazzling!

This process is subject to change based upon your concrete needs — for instance, whether you need a sealer or a stain are a few factors to consider that could make this process look somewhat different.

However, what never changes is our ability to turn your polished concrete vision into a reality. We use the best techniques, equipment, and materials around in order to leave behind a dazzling concrete flooring finish in your home or commercial business.

To find out more about the polished concrete process and how much polished concrete costs, contact the Baltimore concrete flooring specialists at Marrocco’s Stamped Concrete today and get your free consultation.