dreamstime_xxl_20632470Retaining walls are an excellent way to take control of your landscape. They allow you to take advantage of space that otherwise might be unusable, and they also help mitigate water so that erosion is controlled.

Why Retaining Walls?

Sometimes a retaining wall is an absolute necessity, so you may not have a choice of having one installed. But when you consult with Marrocco’s, you do have a choice in retaining walls that you won’t find at most companies. Not only can you get a standard stone retaining wall, but we can also offer excellent stamped concrete walls.

  • Retaining walls let you use space on your property you might not have been able to use before.
  • Retaining walls can serve dual purposes! Use it for seating, planting, or have stairs incorporated if the slope is steep enough.
  • Pick the type of stone that fits the style of your landscaping best. Stone used on the home can be incorporated into the retaining wall.
  • Professionals from Marrocco’s can help you decide what kind of retaining wall is right for your landscape and soil type.
  • Concrete retaining walls can be matched to existing stamped concrete patios, fire pits, and pool decks.

Get It Right!

When you’re deciding how to alter your landscape, you’ll want to have as many options as possible. Will you go with a stamped concrete retaining wall or traditional stone? Just contact Marrocco’s Stamped Concrete for a free consultation on which type of retaining wall might be right for you. Get the most out of your yard when you call Marrocco’s!