dreamstime_xxl_10640741Acid stained concrete is one of the most artistic projects that we get to embark upon here at Marrocco’s Stamped Concrete. And like so many artistic endeavors, the more you know the science, the better you are as an artist. We’ve done so much concrete staining that we certainly have that art down to a science! Here are the three most common projects we’re asked to do.


Even if a house’s front door opens into the living room, there’s usually a space to set your wet boots or umbrella before the carpet starts. Often this is linoleum or tile, but it’s truly impressive when it’s acid stained concrete. It’s exponentially more beautiful than linoleum, and it’s much easier to clean than tiles because of the lack of grout you have to deal with.


Basements are one of the most common places you’ll find concrete staining. After all, the concrete is already there…why not make the most of it? Many times a customer will have us focus on a specific part  of the basement. For instance, they might only want the acid stained concrete at the wet bar area or around the pool table, and they plan to cover the rest of the basement of in carpet. We often suggest doing the entire project at once, in case there’s a leak in the basement and the carpet all comes out, never to be replaced.


acid stained 1As more people become interested in hobbies that take place in the garage — woodworking, car restoration, metallurgy — the garage has become a more comfortable, well-designed place. Many of our acid stained concrete projects are for garage floors, which look great and make oil and paint cleanup easier than untreated concrete.

Stained concrete floors look great and hold up. If you have a part of your home that could benefit from concrete staining, contact Marrocco’s Stamped Concrete!