marraccos-cta5If you want a fancy looking driveway or sidewalk, you might wonder if stamped and stained concrete is right for you, or if you should go with paving stones. Here are six reasons why we definitely think that stamped concrete is the way to go.


While the difference isn’t huge, stamped concrete is usually cheaper than pavers when it comes to how much you’ll spend.


Because pavers are made in a factory, the variation in color can be limiting. Stamped concrete can be colored on-site, and by blending colors you can get just about any color you’d ever want.


As we mentioned, pavers are made off-site and are rather limited when it comes to the shapes that you can order. We can stamp your concrete in a wonderful variety of patterns.


Pavers are considerably more susceptible to settling than concrete stamping is. This isn’t just an aesthetic issue but also a safety issue. Raised or lowered pavers create dangerous tripping hazards.


Even with sand in between each paver, the weeds are going to pop up between them. This means more work and / or chemicals use for you. And speaking of sand…


Pavers require the constant reapplication of sand between each one, as the sand blows away, is swept away, or is washed away during a rainstorm.

Stamped concrete is an amazing product that offers many advantages over your typical pavers. Ready to pick your stained concrete color and pattern? Be sure to contact us and we’ll get you the best!