One of the most surefire ways for a company to stay in business is to find out what customers think about it and make adjustments accordingly. After all, customers aren’t just paying money for a service, they’re also providing the word-of-mouth that can ensure a company thrives…or is sunk outright.

Today we’re going to head to Google reviews to discover what people are saying about our stamped and stained concrete projects. We’re so very thankful that these customers have taken the time from their day to let us know what they think about our concrete driveways and patios. Let’s start with James in Annapolis.

“They are 10 across the board in sales, service, price and the salesman was out of this world. [H]e gave us suggestions and made the difference in the world.”

— James H. in Annapolis, MD

Glad to have you as a customer, James. Your post brings up a lot of important aspects of our business in just a few words, so let’s break it down.

First of all, you bring up the point that few people consider when it comes to working with a contractor: the fact that you’re working with multiple people and how important it is that each one is performing his or her job. For instance, a salesperson has to be friendly and not too pushy. After all, you don’t want someone to upsell you to a patio that’s twice as big if it’s going to take away twice as much yard (unless you’d rather have less to mow, of course!). You mention that one of our employees, probably the salesperson, made suggestions that “made the difference in the world.” While you might know your yard, we know stamped concrete and have seen it poured at hundreds (if not thousands) of homes. During that time we’ve learned what does work, what doesn’t, and the upgrades that make people the most happy. We’re more than happy to point out the little things you might not even be aware of as being an option.

Of course, there are also the schedulers that you’ll have to deal with, people back in the office who makes sure that the times all work out for both you and our stamped concrete experts. Finally, it’s also important that you feel at home with the contractors themselves, those who are going to be pouring your stamped concrete patio or driveway. While you don’t need to be out there with them the entire time, you’ll most likely have a few friendly conversations as questions arise.

Okay, let’s move on to find out what Tammy has to say…

“Amazing work, Dave had a vision for transposing my backyard into an Oasis and he did just that.  His price was extremely reasonable for the size patio I was looking for.  His team was courteous and professional.  Dave was extremely responsive to all of my questions.  I would recommend Marrocco’s Stamped Concrete to anyone who is looking for outstanding results with their home concrete projects.”

— Tammy Wistos

Good to hear from you again, Tammy. As we mentioned above, some customers come to us with very specific ideas about what they want in a stained patio or driveway. Others simply have the space and are ready to hear what we have to suggest. We’re more than happy to work with both types of customers, and with every yard being a bit different, there’s are always challenges to overcome. Some will require a concrete pool deck, others will have to work around trees. We’ve seen every obstacle out there and have helped customers make the most of their space.

We really like that you used the word “oasis,” Tammy. While the concrete driveways we pour don’t often have a lot of foot traffic and are often seen as more utilitarian, the backyard patios, pool decks, and paths become an important part of the landscape that people enjoy walking on. The hardscaping we do can go a long way to improving the personality of the space, just as much as the plants and grass do. We know we’re helping to create an oasis from the crazy world, and we take the job very seriously.

Both of our reviewers so far have mentioned price. Of course, price is important to everyone, and we do everything we can to be as competitive as possible. We certainly perform our best work and won’t compromise on that, but we also keep our overhead low to keep our prices low as well.

Once again, thanks to Tammy and James for writing in and letting us know about the experiences they had with Marrocco’s Stamped Concrete. We always invite our customers to let us know what they think, whether it’s a review on the web or contacting us directly. Thanks for letting us work with you!