If you’ve read many of our articles, you’ve probably learned quite a bit about concrete. You’ve found out about the weather variables that can affect how concrete dries, as well as the history of concrete and the most famous concrete structures in the world. You’ve probably even learned about the World Of Concrete convention.

But every so often it’s important to take a step back from the minutia and discuss why people choose stamped and stained concrete in the first place. What are the advantages to going with stamped concrete for your next project? Here are some of the most popular reasons.

The Look

Of course, the number one reason that people end up choosing stamped concrete is for the look. Stamped concrete can take on the look of just about any type of stonework out there, including pavers, bricks, and flagstone. It’s incredibly versatile, and you’ll be amazed at how it looks once it’s in.

Of course, there are also different looks within each type of stone. There are many different kinds of concrete stamps that can be used to give a customer the exact look they’re interested in. Staining different parts of the concrete can give each “stone” a specific look. And speaking of coloring…

Acid Staining Gives It A Unique Look

Adding color to stamped concrete is another big reason people choose it. When you head to the gardening center, you’ll be lucky to find two or three colors of pavers. But with stained concrete, you can get a much wider variety of “stone” colors. If you’re looking for the widest swath of color options, stained concrete is the way to go.

It’s Great Indoors and Out

Stamped concrete is most often found outdoors, because it makes an excellent anti-slip surface. And let’s be honest, there’s always more stonework on the outside of the house than there is on the inside, making the rough-looking nature of stamped concrete fit in well outdoors. This holds true for concrete patios, pool decks, and many other forms of decorative concrete.

That’s not to say that it all ends up outdoors, though. Many clients will have us stain their indoor concrete in order to give just that right appearance, especially if it’s going to have an epoxy covering put over it. Even if we aren’t using concrete stamps, we can still make acid stained concrete look amazing.

Design Flexibility

While we do work in pavers, our specialty is in stamped concrete. One of the great advantages that a stamped concrete driveway has over most other media is that it can be formed into any design you want. This is great for both concrete driveways and walking paths. Once the curved forms are in place, the concrete is poured much in the same way as any other concrete project. Other types of paving material, whether it’s pavers or bricks, will require a grinder in order to get them rounded, which adds to the price significantly.

Imagine a walkway in the backyard. Do you want one that’s straight and then turns at a right angle? For most people, that just doesn’t fit the laid-back aesthetic of an inviting space. Most people would rather have a path that meanders a bit more, and the easiest way to accomplish that is to hire someone who’s an expert at pouring stamped concrete.

It Makes an Impression

As we discussed above, looks are one of the most important aspects of stamped concrete. But it’s not just the owner of a property who is impressed. Stamped concrete can go a long way to making a lasting impression on other people, whether they’re customers or neighbors. Stamped concrete doesn’t just look great; it looks impressive. In fact, it looks expensive. And that can go a long way to making an impression on anyone who sees it.

Those are five very good reasons why so many homeowners and businesses decide to go with stamped and stained concrete. We’ll discuss some more in our next article, but for now we think that’s probably enough to convince you that it’s the right way to go. Have questions? We’d love to talk with you more about the process and what Marrocco’s Stamped Concrete can do for you. Contact us today!