Stamped concrete has been around for 40 years or more, and during that time it’s been getting better and better. Still, myths persist about it. Let’s investigate.

Stamped Concrete is Overly Slick

One of the coolest aspects of concrete is that it can be poured with such a variety of surfaces. It can be as smooth as glass or rougher than sandpaper. So when people say that concrete can be slick, that’s very true.

The difference comes when you stamp it. Because of the many varying textures you can add to concrete and the different stones that it can mimic, stamped concrete can create and anti-slip surface as it looks like stone, brick, or pavers. The non-slip nature of properly-laid concrete makes it an excellent choice for stamped concrete patios.

It’s Going To Crack Sooner

Simply not true. Now we won’t tell you that concrete doesn’t crack, because we both know that it does. But stamped concrete isn’t more likely to crack than a regular concrete surface. Whether stamped and stained concrete or standard gray, it’s the way in which it was mixed and poured that really make the difference if it’s going to crack or not. Weather also plays an important part. The most important thing you can do if you want to avoid cracks in your concrete is to hire the right team to pour and stamp it in the first place.

It Won’t Last

Again, not true. Like we said above, it’s all about the proper mixture and the people you hire to pomattur it.

Decorative Concrete Looks Fake

It all depends on the quality. Yes, there are bad stamped concrete jobs out there that don’t look like real stone, just as there are artificial flowers from the dollar that look nothing like those you’ll find in the lobby of a high-end hotel.

We can pretty much guarantee that you walked on some stamped concrete this week that you thought was stone, whether you were an outdoor mall or lounging at the pool. Sometimes it can look too glossy, but that’s up to the customer who chose the high-gloss option over the matte; it’s simply a matter of taste. The fact is, in most cases stamped concrete is indiscernible from real stone.

It Chips

The stain that we add to the concrete isn’t like paint. The acid staining actually becomes part of the concrete, which means that chipping isn’t really a problem. If chipping does occur, it’s often the sealant on top that can come off, and that’s something that can be fixed rather easily.

It Fades

Everything is affected by UV radiation from the sun to some degree. Paint and upholstery are the most successful, but stained concrete isn’t something you usually have to worry about. The sealant put over it will also help to reduce any fading that might occur.

As stamped concrete becomes more and more prevalent in the world, perhaps some of these myths will disappear. We’re doing our absolute best to stop them from spreading by properly pouring the concrete to ensure that it will hold up as well as any other paving option out there. Contact Marrocco’s Stamped Concrete when you’re ready to get the concrete project of your dreams!