With so much of the country traveling for Thanksgiving this year, there’s a good chance that you are either going to be on the road, in the air, or awaiting guests. And during that time, you’ll be walking on a lot of stained concrete.

If you’re one of the people visiting someone else, be sure to look around for examples of stamped and stained concrete. With the wide variety of concrete projects that are available and the many looks it can take on — from pavers to bricks to cobblestone to stone — you might stare at some stamped concrete for hours before realizing that the “slate” isn’t what you thought it was!

If you’re considering a stamped concrete project for your own home, why not take a look around you and be inspired by the many places you might find it this Turkey Day? Here’s where to look.

Under the Turkey Fryer

It doesn’t matter how many homes burn, it doesn’t matter how many people are injured, and it doesn’t matter how many warning the news puts out…people are going to deep fry their turkeys. Sure, it’s a dangerous practice, but the tasty meat a turkey fryer produces — coupled with the “it won’t happen to me” mentality most people have — ensures that tens of thousands of people this year will be dropping the 10-pounder in boiling peanut oil.

Luckily, most people have heard (and will heed the warnings) that they shouldn’t use a deep fryer in the home. And most of them have heard that you shouldn’t use them on a deck — whether wood, composite, or otherwise — and that you should keep them out from under the eaves of the house.

So, if you can’t deep fry inside, and you have to keep it off the deck, what do you do? The driveway is the most common answer, as is the stamped concrete patio out back. These surfaces are fireproof, though you need to remember that the oil can stain most concrete that isn’t covered in some sort of epoxy. While oil-stained concrete that’s aflame is better than a house that’s aflame, you still might want to put something fireproof underneath it so that the oil doesn’t stain.

In The Guest Room In The Basement

If you’re visiting someone for Thanksgiving and they have a liveable basement, there’s a good chance that you’ll spend some time down there. If the spare bedroom is in the basement, you’ll be spending a lot of time down there. But there’s often activities to do down there, such as watching TV, shooting pool, playing ping pong, or lots of other stuff. Look for some stained concrete down there. It might be in the kitchen or wet-bar area (for easier cleanup) or at the entryway if it’s a walk-out basement.

At The Mall And Other Retail Stores

When the Thanksgiving meal is done and Black Friday rolls around, you’re going to have lots more opportunities to see some stamped and stained concrete. It starts long before you get into the store, in fact. The walkways of most outdoor malls, or the entrances to most indoor malls, often employ stained concrete as part of the decor. You might notice that the concrete has been poured so that each square is an alternating color.

Ramps are another place where you might see stamped concrete. Because concrete tends to be flat, stamping it can give the ramps additional traction for those with strollers, wheelchairs, or scooters. What you might at first have thought were bricks could in fact turn out to be stamped concrete.

When you’re in a store, you might think that everything has given way to tile. Chances are you’ll find a good amount of stained concrete if you take a look. For instance, some stores will have their logo set into the floor as you walk in, and it’s a good chance that it’s under epoxy and on top of stained concrete. The stained concrete can give the store a unique look that’s can’t be attained by any other flooring method.

Stamped concrete is all around you, and we bet you can find some this Thanksgiving no matter where you go. If you see something you like and want around your own home, snap a picture of it; we bet we can replicate it for you!