In our most recent blog we told you how we pour stamped concrete, how we acid stain it, and how we use special mats in order to create the appearance of stone. But why would someone choose stamped concrete?

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about the advantages that you can get from stamped concrete. We’ve been asked “why would someone choose stamped concrete over other forms of paving,” so we thought we’d take some time to go over the many reasons that people choose stamped concrete over some other forms of creating a flat surface in your yard.

Stamped Concrete Doesn’t Settle

Stamped concrete is a great way to create a new concrete driveway or a stamped concrete patio, surfaces that need to be flat. But some surfaces don’t stay as flat as they should, due to settling. Pavers are notorious for creating a more dangerous surface as parts of them settle due to natural sinkholes or improperly-compacted ground. Because each paver can move individually, there’s a bigger chance of creating a tripping hazard as they settle to different degrees over the years.

No Weeds

The fact that stamped concrete is one large piece once again gives it an advantage by not giving weeds anyplace to grow. If you choose to go with pavers, you’ll always have to deal with the weeds as they grow up between them. With stamped concrete, it might look like individual stones but there isn’t any place for the weeds to grow!

The Look of Stone

The point of most stamped concrete projects is to make your pathway, patio, pool deck, or patio look like stone. But using actual stones would be incredibly cost-prohibitive. Simply trucking in such large, heavy stones might be more than the cost of most concrete projects! After that, you’d have to excavate an insanely large amount of dirt to accommodate the real stones, and then shape them so that they all fit perfectly together. After that, you still have to flatten them on top so that no tripping hazards are created.

When you go with stamped concrete, you get the look of stone without all of the disadvantages mentioned above. You also get the exact shape of the patio you’re looking for, because we can pour it in any shape you need.

Which “Stone” Do You Want?

One big advantage of choosing a stamped concrete project is that there are a large variety of stamps that you can choose from. There’s natural stone, slate, flagstone, brick, tile, and even mats that make the concrete look like wood!


Click on that link up above and you can learn just how we change the color of the concrete. We use a powder that chemically bonds with wet concrete, making the color part of the concrete itself. This allows us to change the hue of the concrete so that it has a different look from that of your next door neighbor’s.