Like all new things, you want to keep your newly stamped concrete looking its best — after all, you’ve just spent a lot of time and money creating the perfect hardscape to meet your indoor or outdoor stamped concrete needs. So, how do you keep it looking like it did day one? Proper care and maintenance! In today’s blog, we are going to share with you helpful tips and tricks for caring for your stamped concrete to keep it looking just like new — and good news, it doesn’t take much!  

A great selling point of stamped concrete is how low maintenance it is to care for. Whether you have stamped concrete indoors or outdoors, you can properly care and maintain your decorative concrete in only two simple steps: cleaning and resealing.


Indoor Stamped Concrete

When it comes to cleaning your stamped concrete floors indoors, your decorative concrete floor doesn’t require any more effort than that of hardwood or other common household floors. Simply sweep and mop your stamped concrete floor once a week to keep your floors clean of dirt and debris and mitigate scratching.

Pro Tip: Wax your floor in high-traffic areas to protect your sealant and prolong the life of your stamped concrete.

Outdoor Stamped Concrete

Like indoor stamped concrete, your outdoor stamped concrete doesn’t take much more maintenance than a simple sweeping or mopping once a week. Unlike indoor stamped concrete, your outdoor decorative concrete is exposed to nature’s elements, and your beautiful stamped concrete can become covered in mud, twigs, and litter. If this is the case, using your hose or a power washer to clean your concrete surface is perfectly safe.  



Depending on how much foot traffic your indoor stamped concrete receives, you may have to re-wax or reseal your concrete anywhere from multiple times a year to once every two years. Pay attention to the color and luster of your floor and if you notice it is starting to fade or look worn, it may be time to reseal.


Your outdoor concrete should be resealed every two to three years, depending on foot traffic and wear. Similar to your indoor stamped concrete, if you notice your concrete has lost its luster, a good resealing can bring it back to life.

What To Avoid

While caring for your stamped concrete is low maintenance, there are a few things you should avoid doing in order to maintain its bright luster and shine.

Avoid Leaving Spills

Whether you’re inside and your beverage topples over or your car leaks oil in your driveway, spills happen. When liquid meets your stamped concrete, it’s important to get it cleaned up right away to avoid staining.

Avoid Metal Edges

If there are two things that don’t mix, it’s metal edges and stamped concrete. Protect your indoor stamped concrete from your furniture with felt pads and protect your outdoor stamped concrete by using a plastic shovel or snowblower.

Avoid Deicing Salt

Winter is right around the corner. Avoid using deicing salt on your outdoor stamped concrete, as its corrosive nature can stain and cause your beautiful decorative concrete to peel or flake.

We hope this blog helps answer any questions you may have about maintaining and prolonging the life of your beautiful stamped concrete. If you have any further questions about caring for your indoor or outdoor stamped concrete, or you are interested in a free consultation, please contact Marrocco’s Stamped Concrete by phone or email. We look forward to helping you with all of your stamped concrete needs.