On behalf of Marrocco’s Stamped Concrete, we’d like to wish you a “Happy Whichever-Gift-Giving-Holiday-You-Celebrate.” While you probably weren’t asking for stamped concrete or driveway paving for your particular celebration, it was certainly never far from our minds. After all, just because it’s winter in Baltimore doesn’t mean that we have nothing to do!

Buildings Are Always Being Built

Baltimore has certainly seen its share of economic downturn, but in many areas things are looking up. While there might still be vacant lots in some areas, other areas are seeing excellent growth. This includes retail buildings, restaurants, houses, and apartments. If you see a building going up, it’s using concrete in some form. That makes it possible that stamped or stained concrete is also part of the project.

But isn’t it too cold to pour concrete? Well…

There Are Warm Days

Last fall we wrote an informative blog about how the cold can affect the way concrete is poured and how it cures. As long as it doesn’t freeze and the wind isn’t horrible, concrete can cure just as normally as it does on a summer day. It’s just going to take a lot longer!

Luckily, extended forecasts are often accurate, despite the old joke about weather forecasters always being wrong. If tomorrow and the next day are scheduled to be warm, we’ll get things ready to pour tonight. If we wake up to a warm day but the weather is suspected to take a turn for worstthe , we’ll have to reschedule. After all, a delay is always better than a poor pour.

We’re Getting Ready For Spring

Once the final ice thaws and people start getting outside, their thoughts turn to exterior improvement of their homes. They might be thinking about a paint job on the home, or perhaps it’s time to trim the trees. That’s when the calls for new patios come in, because Baltimore residents are ready to spend some time outdoors on a nice new stamped concrete, whether it’s around the pool or forms a pathway through the backyard garden.

While it might still be winter, click here for a couple of reasons you might want to start planning your stamped concrete patio in the middle of winter. You’ll be able to enjoy it even sooner when you contact us in the off season. We’ll be ready with the latest concrete stamps and methods.

Indoor Jobs

When most people think of concrete, the most common projects that come to mind are building foundations and outdoor pours such as concrete driveways. But luckily there are also indoor projects that we’re contracted to perform during winter. For instance, many of the retail and restaurant buildings we mentioned earlier might require acid stained concrete with epoxy overlays; it very decorative and can really “class-up” a floor. We also take care of stained concrete floors in home garages and basements.

As you can see, despite the cold weather there are always ways for stained and stamped concrete projects to move forward. After all, progress can’t stop with the seasons or the holidays!