It’s summertime! You’ve been enjoying the summer heat, barbequing with your friends, and relaxing by your backyard pool — and while you’ve been enjoying great company and gorgeous weather, you’ve really taken notice to the drabbness of your backyard patio. Unlike your blossoming flowers, well-manicured lawn, and luxury pool, your patio is looking a little unpolished and is starting to really stand out, and not in a good way. So what can you do about it? Spruce up your patio with stamped concrete!

Stamped concrete is cost-friendly, low maintenance, and very attractive — the perfect patio remodel! But if you’ve started to look into a stamped concrete project, I am sure you now know from checking out our color chart  and gallery that the possibilities are endless when it comes to design and it may be hard to pinpoint your vision. That’s what your team of skilled certified technicians are here for! In today’s blog, we will be diving into the most popular stamped concrete trends. Let’s get started.

Natural Colors

While colored concrete is bright and fun, the design experts recommend leaving the bright purples and greens in the Caribbean — bright colors are out. As far as your backyard stamped patio goes, it’s best to choose a natural stamped concrete color. Right now, white-on-white is trending or colors that mimic natural wood, stone, and brick.

Trend Alert!

Can’t decide between wood or a concrete or patio? Get the best of both worlds with stamped concrete that replicates wood. You’ll get the aesthetic benefits of wood decking, without the upkeep and deterioration of real wood. We’re in love.

Larger Patterns

The bigger the better — at least that’s what designers are saying is trending for stamped concrete patios. Large stamped concrete patterns, such as, wood planks, stone, and slate are some of the most popular. The seamless stamped concrete trend is also resurfacing. Seamless stamps have no pattern at all, making your stamped concrete patio look like a large slab of stone — the ultimate large pattern.

Mix & Match

When choosing your stamped concrete pattern and color, it may be tempting to try to perfectly  match older stamped concrete slabs — which is possible, but you should also look into choosing colors and patterns that complement your existing stamped concrete. Afterall, mixing and matching is in, and you won’t have to worry about the old and the new perfectly matching.

The stamped concrete patio of your dreams is awaiting. We hope these stamped concrete trends have helped guide your decision on how to remodel your patio, so you can further enjoy Baltimore’s summer weather without being brought down by the site of your typical gray concrete patio. Are you ready to transform your backyard and show it off to all your bbq buddies? It’s not too late! Contact us via phone or email before the cold weather sets in and let’s get started on creating the concrete stamped patio of your dreams. We look forward to making your backyard dreams come true.