With the biggest summer holiday of the year coming up in just a few weeks, it got us thinking about some of the many ways in which you can spend your time on a stamped concrete patio on those days you have off throughout the year. Let’s imagine you’re a mail carrier and are experiencing  one of the 10 national holidays you get off every year. How does your patio fit into your plans?

New Year’s Day

Okay, it’s the middle of winter. Maybe you can see your new patio, maybe you can’t because of the snow. So this might be a holiday that you sit inside and enjoy, especially if you had a bit too much fun on New Year’s Eve and need to stay inside sleeping. But hey, if it’s 1:00 am on New Year’s and the party inside is getting a little too loud for you, why not head out onto your new patio and take a breath of that crisp January 1 air.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

This day is all about honoring someone who fought for equality, so why not wrap up in a blanket and sit out on your patio to read or listen to some of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speeches. You certainly can’t deny that the man had an incredible way with words.

No matter what your race or color, it’s a good day to consider the points that others can make and get to know someone who might not look or think exactly as you do. Invite one of your fellow postal workers over whom you don’t know very well and enjoy some food from your propane grill.

Washington’s Birthday

Wow, the USPS still gets this day off? Who knew?

There are a lot of stories about George Washington. Wooden teeth: nope. Chopped down a cherry tree? Nope. Loved the sound of bullets flying about him in battle: well, that’s one’s true. Here’s a quote from a letter to his brother John: “The right wing, where I stood, was exposed to and received all the enemy’s fire … I heard the bullets whistle, and, believe me, there is something charming in the sound.”

So, what can you do to celebrate Washington? Find a nice place around your patio to plant a cherry tree, and when people make a joke about Washington chopping it down, tell them that that’s a myth but, whoa, did you hear what he said about loving the bullets streaking past him?

Grill Starting Up Day

Okay, we admit it, this isn’t an official holiday. But if you don’t grill throughout winter, the first day it’s warm enough to fire up the grill might as well be! It’s that day in March or April where you come home from the grocery with a new gas tank and do that first outdoor cooking of the year.

Memorial Day

Washington’s Birthday was way back in February, so Memorial Day is often the first holiday when people grill in nice weather. Of course, it’s important to remember those who have died in active service, so be sure to visit the cemetery with some flowers. After that, head to the beach or to your new stamped concrete patio to enjoy the freedom that they helped secure. And while Veterans Day doesn’t arrive until November, why not invite some active duty or retired servicemen over and treat them to a meal?

Independence Day

Here’s the day that inspired this blog. In just a few weeks July 4 will be here (on a Tuesday this year), and many of us will use that time to enjoy a day at home. There will certainly be lots of grilling, so be sure to invite some friends over. But before they get to your house, you’ll need to be doing some weeding in your yard. Of course, there won’t be any weeds in your stamped concrete patio, because there’s no cracks for them to come up through. But out in your yard you’ll want to mow and get rid of those weeds that have sprung up. At night it should still be warm enough to stay out late to watch the fireworks, whether you’re close enough to see Baltimore’s or just see what the neighbors are (illegally) shooting off.

Labor Day

Labor Day often signals the end of summer, and just about everyone with a concrete deck will be out barbecuing or spending some time in the backyard. Sit there in the shade and enjoy the slightly cooler temperatures, enjoying them as much as you can before the weather turns cold and you start thinking about getting the snowblower serviced.

Hey, you’ve worked all year long so far, so why not enjoy the day off in a comfy outdoor chair, holding a good book and trying not to doze off in your beautiful backyard.

Columbus Day

Perhaps the most contested of all national holidays, you’ve got no choice but to take it off if you work for the post office. Bummer, right?

Columbus Day always comes in early October, and this year it will be the 9th. If it’s too cold, be sure to get that fire pit going. Since the United States Post Office isn’t off around Halloween, sit outside and toast some marshmallows while surrounded by the changing of the trees leaves. They’ll be on the ground soon enough, so enjoy them while you can.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day arrives on November 10 this year, and it’s a great time to have someone who’s served over for a meal. If you grill in the fall, invite them out on the patio while you’re cooking and ask them to relate any service stories they might be comfortable sharing. It’s a great day to make them feel appreciated.

Thanksgiving Day

While many people across the country are off on Black Friday, postal workers will only have Thanksgiving proper off…so make the most of it! You could grill your entire meal outdoors, including the turkey. Better yet, set up a meat smoker on your stamped concrete patio and slow cook it for hours. Just watch out for the turkey fryers…they can catch your whole yard on fire pretty quickly.

Christmas Day

If there’s a white Christmas, we don’t mind if you ignore your patio as it sits under the snow. It’s served you well throughout the year, a place to entertain across the many holidays and evenings.