driveway-1In the last blog we talked about the different projects that people call us for. Stamped concrete works incredibly well for basement floors, driveways, and pool decks.

But what is stamped concrete? If you’re not familiar with stamped concrete, it’s a pretty amazing process. Here, in it’s simplest form, are the steps to an amazing decorative concrete project. (Depending on what you’re asking for the steps can change.)

Pouring the Concrete

You’re familiar with the concrete that’s found in most driveways and garage floors. It’s flat and gray with a slightly bumpy texture. That’s exactly where a stamped concrete project starts. We pour the concrete and smooth it like any other concrete job.


A dusty chemical compound is applied to the top of the concrete. This will change the color of the concrete so that it looks more like stone. Often two or more compounds are laid down so that a multi-tone is achieved, once against mimicking the natural color differences you’ll find in stone.

Concrete Stamping

Here’s where the magic happens! While the concrete is still wet we put down mats that have designs on the underside. These designs will add lines to the concrete, as well as texture that makes it look like real stone. We have a variety of these mats so that you have a great selection.


You’ll be absolutely amazed at the change that happens when we power-wash your new concrete patio or garage door. The gray color washes away and you’ll see the texture and color that looks absolutely amazing.

There’s an excellent chance that every time you go shopping that you’re walking on stamped and stained concrete and didn’t even know it. Much of the fancy “stonework” that you see at modern outdoor malls is actually stamped concrete. Next time you’re out, be sure to look! Ready to get your own? Contact us here.