Here at Marrocco’s, we’re pretty busy. That’s because stamped concrete is hotter than ever. Part of the reason that we’re out there taking care of concrete patios and pool decks is because the process keeps getting better and better, even though the process has been around since the 1970s. Perpetual advances have been made over the decades so that today’s stamped concrete looks exactly what it’s supposed to look like, whether that’s stone, brick, tiles, or even wood.

There’s still time to get that stamped and stained concrete project taken care of even though winter is coming. But just who are we talking about when we talk about our customers? Lucky for us, there’s not just one type of stamped concrete out there, which means that there’s not just one type of customer who’s interested in getting their project taken care of before winter. Let’s go over who’s interested in getting the best concrete stamping out there.


Malls have always tried give off an air of fanciness, ever since the first shopping mall (the Southdale Shopping Center, in Edina, Minnesota) opened in 1956. For decades the exterior of a mall didn’t matter much, with very little architectural flair or landscaping incorporated on the outside the buildings.

Today, however, with malls waning in popularity, their exteriors are made to lure people in. Outdoor areas might have water features and lots of comfortable seating, while nearly-mature trees are brought in and planted. And, lucky for stamped concrete companies like us, sidewalks aren’t always just sidewalks anymore. Stone is used on the exterior of the buildings, and concrete that looks like stone is being used more and more to give the building and its surroundings a more cohesive look. Stamped concrete might also be used inside of malls; it’s poured, stamped and stained, and then covered in a laminate so that it will hold up to thousands of feet every day while still remaining shiny.


Homeowners are certainly one of our most common clients. After all, people love their homes and often want to make them look as different as possible, even if they’re part of a planned neighborhood. One way they can do this is to take control of their hardscaping by hiring someone who specializes in stamped and stained concrete.

Hardscaping – There are so many ways that we can improve the outside of a home. There are front and back walkways, stamped concrete patios, and fire pits so that you can enjoy your yard throughout the year. We can pour and shape stamped concrete in shapes that pavers could never make, and we can create your hardscaping either before the landscaping is in or after.

Driveways – Driveways are, perhaps, one of the most boring aspects of any house. And that’s too bad, because the driveway is going to be one of the first parts of the house that guests see. In fact, if they pull into the driveway, it’s actually the first part of your home that they interact with. People who get stamped concrete driveways obviously want their home to have the best curb appeal in the neighborhood. It’s a great way to make the front of the property look better than ever.

Basements – If a homeowner is building a house, they’ll have the opportunity to actually incorporate stamped concrete into their home if they want. Much like the mall’s flooring mentioned above, basement floors can be stamped and stained to look amazing, followed by an epoxy floor covering. Carpet in a basement used to be a sign of “my basement is so great that the walls don’t leak and there’s not water on the floor.” Today, with basements being as comfortable place to live as any other place in the house, people are returning to concrete floors. Carpet and concrete can also be combined, as stamped concrete works well around wet bars and in areas like wine cellars.

Pool Owners

Having a pool can be a lot of fun, but why spend so much money on a pool just to surround it with boring old gray concrete? A stamped concrete pool deck can make your pool look better than ever, and the style of stamping we use can even be incorporated into existing landscaping, hardscaping, and the exterior of the house itself (for instance, if the house has stone features).

Stamped concrete pools decks are extra nice because the texture of the concrete can make a better non-slip grip than some concrete. At the same time, standard concrete that is too rough might keep people from slipping but can be incredibly rough on bare feet. Stamped concrete creates an excellent compromise between the two and looks great doing it!


There are many ways that we can improve retail spaces. Some are interested in concrete that gives their store a certain look, such as a more “urban” feel. A company that sells rustic furniture might want stamped concrete that looks like wooden plants. That’s what’s so great about stamped concrete; it can look like just about anything but still hold up to the rigors of customers and moving fixtures.


Restaurants are a bit like retail, in that they want the interior to convey what they’re selling. A barbecue joint will want a different floor than an upscale bar, which in turn will want something different from a standard fast food restaurant. Of course, restaurants are also looking for something that will clean up easily, so stamped concrete might give the floor visual texture while the epoxy floor coating allows spills to be cleaned up quickly.

Restaurants are another of our favorite customers because of the outdoor seating some provide. We can make their concrete patios a place that customer actively want to dine, instead of looking like a driveway that people only want to use when the indoor seating is full.

We love our customers and providing our concrete services to the people of Baltimore. No matter whether you’re designing a huge mall or are looking for a nice little walkway in your backyard, Marrocco’s is there for you. Contact us today!