When most people think of concrete steps, the most simple of structures comes to mind: four or five steps leading up to a back door or as part of a patio, gray and bland. In our opinion, too many steps are completely utilitarian, and certainly nothing to look at or brag about.

While Marrocco & Sons could certainly create those basic concrete steps with no problem, we’d much rather show you what we can do with our talents. Wherever you need concrete steps, Marrocco & Son’s can deliver something amazing to make your home and landscape more beautiful than ever! How’s that? With stamped concrete steps that will wow you every time you use them.



  • Concrete steps from Marrocco & Sons fit perfectly with a stamped concrete patio, creating seamless transition from step to patio.
  • Stamped concrete can be formed in shapes and curves that create visual interest in your landscaping or outside your door.
  • On steep slopes, stamped concrete stairs can be incorporated into terraced retaining walls that allows for safe descents.
  • Stamped concrete can provide its own textured surface to help provide grip and prevent falls.
  • Get the look of stone without the problems associated with it!

We’ll Make Them Look Good!

Stamped concrete steps are an excellent option when you’re looking to make the most of your doors and patios. Increase the curb appeal of your home or business with some amazing concrete steps from Marrocco & Sons!

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