While we do most of our work outdoors at Marrocco & Sons, we also love to do indoor decorative concrete work. Epoxy floors work in a variety of applications, but what exactly is an epoxy floor?



You start with the substrate, which is often acid stained concrete. This alters the color of the concrete in artistically and aesthetically pleasing ways. You can match the colors to the color of the room or to the existing stonework of your building. After the concrete is colored an epoxy is applied containing a resin/hardener combination. The epoxy dries and allows the patterns of the floor to show through.


Want to make your business stand out? It’s hard to beat an epoxy floor for beauty and durability. Customers interact with your business via their feet, and they will notice when you have a beautiful epoxy floor. Acid stained concrete can also be colored to match the look of your business.


Another place that the beauty of the substrate is important is in a home’s basement. Carpet used to be the sign of a fancy basement, but more and more high-end homes are going with the durability and beauty that an epoxy floors can deliver.


Epoxy floors can be a great option for garages because of how they hold up. They also allow for easy clean-up of oils and other car fluids.

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