Looking Good!

Why would someone choose pavers over stamped concrete? Uniformity is one of the most common reasons. Because pavers are made in a factory, each is made to look exactly the same, including any patterns on the top. Many people enjoy this repeating pattern over the random stone-like appearance of concrete. Here are a few of the projects Marrocco & Sons can take care of.

  • Driveways — It’s a big job, but we’re ready for it! A driveway made with pavers can look absolutely amazing when done, and the edges can be cut to match the curve of the drive. It can even be finished with a stamped concrete border to add additional visual appeal.
  • Patios — One of the most common uses of pavers is for patios. The uniformity of shape and color in pavers can create a lovely pattern that looks very neat and tidy. Again, pavers are made in a factory, so you won’t get the random color or texture that you’d find in stamped concrete.
  • Walkways — Whether you need a showy walkway to welcome your guests or are looking for a simple garden path, pavers can be an excellent option that looks good every time.

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Are Pavers Right For You?

The decision to use pavers instead of stamped concrete sometimes comes down to the look of your home and the design of the landscape. If you would like some professional advice on what will work best for you and your property, contact Marrocco & Sons for a free consultation.

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