Polished Concrete Floors THAT ARE BUILT TO LAST

Marrocco & Sons Stamped Concrete creates polished concrete floors that are built to last — no matter what.

Whether for a residential or commercial application, interior or exterior, we stand by our Baltimore polished concrete jobs because we believe in our commitment to excellence, highly skilled master technicians, and superior attention to detail.

While we have built a name and reputation for our impossible-to-beat stamped concrete in Baltimore, we are now proud to offer polished concrete as a new, standalone service that will have your home’s floors looking like a work of art.

Learn more about why you should choose a polished concrete finish for your home deck, patio, garage, or even kitchen, and contact Marrocco & Sons Stamped Concrete in Baltimore today to schedule a free consultation.



Before we get into a few of the top reasons why you should choose polished concrete for your home or business, let’s first understand what “polished concrete” actually means.

Polished concrete is exactly what it sounds like; that is, concrete that has been polished/ground until it a smooth, glossy finish is left behind.

This practice is done by utilizing the best professional concrete grinding and polishing equipment, along with highly specialized techniques.

In order to create the best polished concrete floor finishes, professionals like Marrocco & Sons also utilize a hardening chemical agent which penetrates the concrete base in order to leave it hardened, easy to clean, and even dust-proof in some cases.

Polished concrete is sweeping households all across Baltimore and throughout the United States because of its simplicity, its cost-effectiveness, and its downright magnificent, shimmering appearance.




Now you may be asking yourself, “Why do I need polished concrete?” The answers are plentiful and fairly straightforward.

One thing that’s often neglected by many homeowners is the ground on which they walk on a daily basis. But when you take the time to think about your floors — from the kitchen to the walkway, the garage to the basement, the patio to the front pool — it’s obvious that you want them to not only look nice, but also to last for years without strenuous maintenance.

That’s where polished concrete comes in. This specialized concrete flooring option works to grind and polish the existing (or new) concrete in order to leave behind a lasting, luxurious finish that you will think about and admire more regularly.



Appearance: Polished concrete, when done right, looks about as good as a floor can look. While many may think of concrete as dull and plain, a professional polish job can transform your concrete walkway, patio, basement, or kitchen into a rustic, chic masterpiece. Polished concrete is a crafty, trendy, and practical way to utilize what already exists in order to make your home’s floors shine — literally.


Environmentally Friendly: Few concrete flooring options are as environmentally friendly and “green” as polished concrete. Polished concrete can help you save energy by reflecting and improving the natural lighting of a room by up to 100 percent while also helping you to keep your home cool during those hot summer months. Not to mention, it’s easy to clean and doesn’t require spot chemical treatments (like carpet) after a spill


Economical: Not only is polished concrete a friendly option for the environment and your living space, it is also extremely friendly on your wallet. Polished concrete makes use of what’s already there —a concrete slab or base can be found just about everywhere in and around your home’s flooring — and shines it up to perfection. That means no additional spending on fine woods or carpets which require a lot more maintenance and a lot more money.


Practical: Polished concrete is extremely low maintenance, allowing you the opportunity to curate and maintain a neat living space all year-round. Whether you opt for polished concrete in your kitchen, basement, garage, or outdoor patio, you can rest assured that your floor will be non-slippery, dust-proof, and easy to clean. Not to mention, a polished floor doesn’t require wax to maintain its appearance.


Durable: When compared to epoxy flooring, polished concrete is significantly more advantageous. When you consider the fact that an epoxy floor coating can chip or peel after just a few years, polished concrete holds the edge as the more durable, hard-coated finish. A well-maintained polished concrete floor can last for decades without any noticeable deterioration, scuffs, or stains.


Customizable: One final reason to consider polished concrete is that your floor can be fully customized to fit the chic design style of your home or business. You can work with your Baltimore concrete experts in order to determine your color stain, decorative stamped effects, and glossiness level, among other things.

Now you know why polished concrete makes sense. So what are you waiting for? This is not a project that should be undertaken by any old do-it-yourselfer, however. It not only requires specialized equipment, but also expertise and knowledge in order to create an even, smooth flooring finish. Contact Marrocco & Sons Stamped Concrete today for your Baltimore polished concrete consultation.



A polished concrete flooring finish offers many advantages for your home or commercial business space. From low maintenance, to energy and environmental efficiency, to a dazzling shine, polished concrete has become the go-to choice for many in the Baltimore area.

But how does one create such a masterpiece? At Marrocco & Sons Stamped Concrete, we are the Baltimore polished concrete experts for a reason. Part of our process looks something like this:

  • Step 1: Hardness — In order to determine the right materials and equipment for the polishing and grinding, it’s necessary to first determine the hardness level of the existing concrete. This is known a an MOHS Concrete Hardness Test.
  • Step 2: Grind — After carefully selecting the proper equipment, our team gets to work on the grinding aspect. This process removes the existing “grit” of the concrete and leaves behind a smooth, flat surface.
  • Step 3: Buff — The grinding process utilizes metal pieces which can leave behind scuffs, scratches, and other marks behind. In order to create a shiny, spotless surface, the concrete polishing process then uses transitional tools which buff those scratches away.
  • Step 4: Bolster — Then, the concrete is bolstered and densified through a specialized chemical hardening agent. This helps to make your concrete floor more durable, mold-resistant, and stain-proof.
  • Step 5: Polish! — Now it’s time to deliver what we came for. Using highly specialized equipment and expertise, Marrocco & Sons technicians use machines and pads to polish your concrete floors and make them dazzling!

This process is subject to change based upon your concrete needs — for instance, whether you need a sealer or a stain are a few factors to consider that could make this process look somewhat different.

However, what never changes is our ability to turn your polished concrete vision into a reality. We use the best techniques, equipment, and materials around in order to leave behind a dazzling concrete flooring finish in your home or commercial business.

To find out more about the polished concrete process and how much polished concrete costs, contact the Baltimore concrete flooring specialists at Marrocco & Son’s Stamped Concrete today and get your free consultation.



At Marrocco & Sons Stamped Concrete, our Baltimore floor experts specialize in a number of techniques and practices that will leave your floor shining like never before.

From stamped concrete pool decks, walkways, and driveways to our polished concrete services, we provide a level of service and attention to detail that is simply hard to find in this day and age.

But we do it all with a smile, because that’s just how we like to treat our customers. The highly skilled and certified technicians at Marrocco & Sons bring decades of experience to the floors, patios, and walkways on which they work, bringing along the experience and knowledge needed in order to transform your home or business into the masterpiece you’ve always wanted.

Our concrete flooring options are all built to last and leave you satisfied for years to come, and we are proud to be the first choice for polished concrete flooring in Baltimore and Howard counties alike.


So, why should you choose Marrocco & Sons Stamped Concrete for your polished concrete needs? Simply put, we do what no other floor contractor does. We pay special attention to your needs, listen to your concerns, and apply our mastery to each and every square inch of the floors on which we are working.

Contact our Baltimore flooring specialists today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about each of our concrete flooring options below.

Among our concrete flooring specialties are:

Our team has the ability and expertise needed to transform your walkway, outdoor patio, basement, garage, or other living area into a true work of art. Find what you’re looking for and let Marrocco & Sons Stamped Concrete make it a reality! Contact us today to get started.

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