It’s hard to beat the look of a stone wall.

At first each stone might seem random, but then you realize that every stone has to be set perfectly for the wall to stand properly. It’s this precision you need whenever you hire someone to build a stone wall for you, and it’s this precision that you’ll get from Marrocco & Sons.



Stone walls can service a wide variety of purposes, and are an elegant way to show everyone who stops by just how important quality stonework is to you. What type of projects can Marrocco & Sons help you with?

  • Retaining Walls — There are many types of retaining walls, and Marrocco & Sons can help you decide which one will work best with your landscape and soil type.
  • Patio Walls and Planters — Short stone walls around a patio can help add visual interest to your landscape, as well as create places for guest to sit and to provide space for plants.
  • Noise Reduction Walls — Solid walls are the best way to reduce noise from neighbors or adjoining businesses.
  • Privacy Walls — When you want privacy that chain link or wooden slat walls can’t deliver, nothing beats a stone wall. If you own a business, a stone wall can also be a great way to shield your patio customers from the noise and commotion from adjoining businesses.
  • Pillars — Marrocco & Sons can build you pillars for driveway entrances to give your stamped concrete driveway that special look.

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