Wood Decks

Wood decks are a great addition to any home, providing an outdoor living space that can be used for relaxation, dining, and entertainment. Decks can be made of a variety of materials, but wood is a popular choice because it is attractive and relatively economical.

Here at Marrocco & Sons Stamped Concrete in Maryland, we offer a variety of hardscape designs that are built to last. We only use the highest quality materials, so you can enjoy your outdoor living space to the hilt. Learn more about our wood decks below, and contact us for a free consultation today!

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Determine the Type of Wood You'd Like to Use

When considering a wood deck for your Maryland home, there are several factors to consider. First, the type of wood should be chosen carefully. Pressure-treated pine is the most common and economical choice, but other woods such as cedar and redwood are also popular. Each type of wood has different qualities and benefits, as well as aesthetic appeal, so it is important to research the pros and cons of each one.

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Determine the Size of Your Deck

The size of the deck is also an important factor. Decks come in many shapes and sizes and can be customized to fit the size of the area. However, it is important to make sure there is enough space for people to move comfortably and for furniture to be placed. Additionally, the size of the deck will also determine the amount of material that will be needed for the project, which will affect the cost of your project.

Determine the Design of Your Deck

The design of the deck should be considered carefully. Decks can be simple or elaborate, and the design should match the overall look of your Maryland home. There are many options available, from traditional railings to more modern and creative designs. It is important to consider the space and how it will be used when selecting the design. Let our team of experts offer helpful advice today.

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Pre-Construction Preparation

Once the type of wood, size, and design have been decided, the next step is to prepare the area. This includes clearing away any debris, leveling the ground, and installing a solid foundation. It is important to use the right materials and techniques to ensure the deck is structurally sound and will last for many years. Our hardscape company in Maryland will work around your schedule to determine what time is best for deck installation. Learn more today.

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Care of Your New Wood Deck

Once the deck is built, it is important to protect and maintain the wood. This includes cleaning the deck regularly and using a sealant to protect it from the elements. Additionally, it is important to check the deck annually for any signs of wear and tear and to make sure it is in good condition.


Wood decks can be a great addition to any home, providing an attractive outdoor living space that can be used for relaxation, dining, and entertainment. With the right materials, design, and maintenance, a wood deck can last for many years and provide a beautiful outdoor space for family and friends.

Marrocco & Sons Stamped Concrete offers amazing wood decks in the greater Baltimore, Maryland area. Our team boasts decades of experience in helping customers have beautiful landscaping that they'll love. In addition to wood decks, we also specialize in concrete outdoor living features, such as pool decks, walkways, pavers, fire pits, retaining walls, and more. We are happy to advise you on what's best for your home. Call for a free estimate today!

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